Ebook: Des rimes en or (I'm Back); kharYsma Arafat NZABA

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Ebook: Des rimes en or (I’m Back); kharYsma Arafat NZABA

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50.00 10.00

The graphic version of music album des rimes en or ,also available on this store.


161 page with download enclosed of Songs by Award-Winning international Musician kharYsma Arafat NZABA.
This book makes it super easy to start playing the songs on a piano and many instrument with the really simple-to-read notes.

Explore a new approach to written music: Des Rimes en Or – I’m Back.

Des Rimes en Or (Rhymes in Gold) is a beautifully crafted, one hundred and sixty-one page graphic music book by the award winning author and musician kharYsma Arafat NZABA. If you enjoy classical music or are a Maestro, then this book is for you.

With a completely new approach to music as written media, you will love the graphic declination of Rhymes in Gold. To start, the impressive front and back covers are painted in the style of the greatest historical painters such as Van Gogh, which is only the start of your journey.

Discover the original compositions of kharYsma Arafat-NZABA and in turn become the Maestro!


Get you copy now! You will not regret it!

1 review for Ebook: Des rimes en or (I’m Back); kharYsma Arafat NZABA

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